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Helping people have a peaceful mind, a thriving body and a spiritually fulfilling life!


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Mind Peace
Emotional Healing
Make positive changes in your life, heal emotional trauma and become the best version of yourself.
Nurture a positive state of being, develop mindful self-mastery, and grow inner resources to thrive in life.
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At Innate Thriving we stand for the true potential of human beings and our innate capacity to thrive!

Our mission is to help people:

  • Heal emotional trauma so that they can experience more peace.

  • Transform negative patterns so they can thrive.

  • Be and love themselves so that they can live with joy.

  • Grow mindfulness so they can live with presence and wisdom.

  • Develop self-mastery so that they can achieve their dreams.

  • And embody their authentic essence so they can live a fulfilling life.

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Most people want to feel positive and confident, achieve their goals and enjoy life. Yet it is common for people to struggle with internal challenges that cause them emotional pain and limit their potential.
Without knowing how to work through draining emotions and mental blockages people struggle and end up living an unfulfilling life.
Using a unique combination of mindfulness, psychotherapy, cutting-edge hypnotherapy and coaching we guide people through an in-depth process of positive change so they can overcome their challenges and live a thriving and fulfilling life.
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Mind Peace
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Jawai is a gifted healer of the mind. I find his hypnotherapy sessions and guided meditations especially profound. They are helping me on many levels of my life. Since our first session, I am steadily growing in peace of mind and feeling significantly less anxiety day by day. Engaging in sessions with Jawai is enabling me in ways I'd given up on.


His genuine fellow-feeling, kindness, compassion and insight are so refreshing of the spirit. His high qualifications in psychology merge effectively into a wholistic approach to therapy. As someone who has sought and received help over decades from many practitioners, I am amazed at the beautiful simplicity, depth and effectiveness of my time with Jawai.

Marie C.

"I have recently experienced hypnotherapy with Jawai. After more than 30 years of chronic depression and PTSD, I was skeptical of this system working for me, as I have tried many mental health therapies with little or no success over the years. With Jawai’s non-intrusive, compassionate and non-judgmental approach, I gained trust very quickly and have had some major breakthroughs in a relatively short amount of time." 
Minna R.

I’ve just completed the 8 thriving & mindfulness course. I must say, it has been life changing for me. Through meditation and mindfulness and learning to understand my own inner patterns of thinking I feel that I have been able to connect with my true self. During the course , the changes I have experienced have allowed me to open my heart, be my true myself again, nourish my relationships with loved ones and make new meaningful connections. Jawai Is the master of mindfulness ! His experience and knowledge in this field surpasses any other teacher I have known. I wish I had this knowledge many years ago! I thoroughly recommend this course. 


Dr Kylie Regli

The list of things I got from mindfulness training is too long. The key things were being kind to myself and the very practical learning of how to manage pain and difficult experiences /situations. I also liked learning some of the theory and background details. Gus you are very clear and knowledgeable and you have a very sincere and caring approach to running the course. 

Thank you!"

Dipti McGowan, Phd Candidate


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