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Silence & Mindfulness in the Mountain

Meditation Day Retreat

There is a deep well of vibrant inner knowing that is alive within.
Cultivating mindfulness in the stillness of nature helps us awaken this natural wisdom, and bring more connection and peace to our lives. 


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In deep connection with nature, amongst the exotic flora of ANANDA, we will dive into a meditative journey to awaken the light of presence,
and remember the nature of Self.

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In spacious meditations, silence and poetry, we will tend to our hearts and return to our attention to


 mindfulness meditation - self-inquiry - gentle yoga -  soulful poetry - loving-kindness - somatic experiencing - unconditional love - nature sensing 


Perhaps what we truly long for is 


Take a rest from the rush and return to the simplicity of the present moment.


By witnessing the symphony of natural sounds, the purity of silence, and a gentle touch of zen music, we unlock the essence of sound and silence, as a gateway to open-hearted presence.


In turning our attention within and cultivating equanimity and compassion we grow our capacity to face life’’s challenges with resolve. By taking a sit and examining our experience with intention we open the possibility to discern what is true and fulfilling for us, and to uncover our inner path to freedom.

Through enlivening the senses and immersions with the elements we will deepen awareness of our interbeingness with the natural world, and open ourselves to receive nourishment from nature. 



Vegan Food

A clear and nourished body is essential for the cultivation of inner stillness and presence. By incorporating nourishing vegan food into our retreat program, we provide participants with the opportunity to  keep the physical vessel light and vibrant allowing for greater receptivity to the transformative benefits of meditation.

Facilitated by Jawai Shamayim

Upon returning from a year-long journey of cultivating mindfulness in remote natural environments, Jawai is inspired to share natural presence with others. He combines  24 years of meditation, 12 years of holistic psychotherapy practice and teaching mindfulness with his love for people, to assist those who feel the call to find peace within, and live a life filled with love and presence. 

What if we become more present, and begin to love ourselves unconditionally...


Location: Ananda Rainforest Retreat - Currumbin Valley

Time: 9am - 4pm

Dates (2024):  Check calendar below. 

More info:

  •  A light vegan meal alongside tea and healthy afternoon nourishment is provided. 

  • After the welcoming introduction participants remain in noble silence until the last hour, a time when we share experiences and insights. 

  • Meditations will be guided by the facilitator, leading to increasing periods of total silence throughout the day.

  • The long day of practices pose a fruitful challenge for those who want to grow the attitudes of mindfulness. It helps us learn to embrace the human condition with greater awareness and compassion, and live with greater intention and presence. 






Join us on a day of open-hearted PRESENCE!

Not sure if it is for you, or have a question?

Send us a message and have your questions answered!

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