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Self-Mastery Cultivate emotional intelligence and learn tools to navigate your emotions and challenges wisely.


In this session you will:


  • Gain knowledge on how to have abundant energy in daily life
  • Learn to look after your body so it exists in vibrant health
  • Learn to monitor your levels of energy
  • Develop a routine that supports your happiness and thriving
  • Practice a mindfulness meditation
  • Learn powerful tools to catalase your energy


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Launch discounted price of $55 (full price $77)


Wednesday 19/06 7pm-9:30pm

Freedom Float Wellness Centre

Shop 5, 105 West Burleigh Road, Burleigh Heads, QLD 4220


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For other workshops and full program see below:


Full Program and Dates


  • 15/05 - Self-awareness & the Mind – Understand mindfulness and how you can calm your mind and live with greater peace and presence.
  • 22/5 - Expand your HeartThe power of love & compassion to transform your life.
  • 29/5 - The Human Condition & Inner Patterns– Understand your limiting patterns and the challenges of our societal existence and how to disentangle from them.
  • 05/6 - Expand on Natural Strengths - Transcend your limits and thrive on your natural qualities.
  • 12/6 - Abundant Energy – Learn to catalyze energy in daily life and how to support your body to flourish. Establish a daily routine for thriving.
  • 19/6 - Self-Mastery – Develop emotional intelligence and learn tools to navigate your emotions and challenges wisely.
  • 26/03 - Relating with Love & Awareness - The art of conscious relationships.
  • 03/7 - Ancient Wisdom in Daily Life– Tap into ancient wisdom, appreciate your wholeness and the beauty of this miraculous universe.
  • 10/07 - Reclaim your Freedom – be the author of your life and create freely.
  • 17/07 - Live on Purpose – Engage with life in a meaningful way, connect and use your gifts for the greater good.
  • 03/08 - Together We Rise Celebration Day Retreat in a Natural Haven – Currumbin Valley





$77.00 Regular Price
$55.00Sale Price
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