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Mindfulness Meditation  - Yoga - Rainforest Walk - Compassion - Mindfulness in Daily Life - Living Life Fully

Mindfulness in Nature Day Retreat

 Currumbin Valley


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A relaxing and mindful day in a natural heaven learning the art of mindfulness and living life fully

Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

Learn proven strategies to de-stress and deal wisely with the challenges of day-to-day life. Take a break from it all and experience a guided mindfulness meditation in the mountain.

Yoga Flow Class

Experience a mindful and flowing yoga class overlooking the mountains to invigorate your body and centre your mind.


Rainforest Walk

Take a peaceful walk amongst the exotic rainforest of ANANDA


Vegetarian Lunch

Enjoy a delicious vegetarian meal overlooking the mountains.

Gratitude & Compassion Meditation

Enjoy a relaxing gratitude and compassion meditation under the therapeutic scents of essential oils. 

Living Life Fully

Explore the art of  living life with greater peace, authenticity and joy

What You Will Experience

The Venue 


A hidden paradise of 20 acres of lush rainforest nested in Currumbin Valley

 (only 20 minutes from GC airport).



  1. Go to Calendar below and check available dates. 

  2. If payment hasn't been made, click on Payment Box to make payment. 

  3. Then select desired date on Calendar and click "Book Now" and follow the prompts to book. 

  4. Upon booking you will receive an confirmation email with further details about your booking.



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