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 A 10-week Program to Transform Your Mind, 

Transcend Your Limitations & Thrive

IN Transform & Thrive Program 

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Knowledge - Wisdom - Action
30/01/19 - Burleigh Heads

What is the IN Transform & Thrive Program?


The IN Transform & Thrive is a IN-DEPTH program where you will learn and apply the ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM on HAPPINESS and HUMAN THRIVING.

It is designed to help you transform your struggles and be more relaxed, resilient, capable, happy  and free. 


You will learn cutting-edge knowledge and powerful tools on the psychology of OPTIMUM HUMAN FUNCTIONING as well as explore timeless ANCIENT WISDOM.

The curriculum involves a unique mix of knowledge from different fields including:


  • Psychology

  • The Applied Science of Happiness

  • Neuroplasticity

  • The Art and Science of Mindfulness Meditation

  • Compassion Training

  • The Human Virtues

  • Yoga

  • Buddhism

  • and other Ancient Traditions


The topics and classes were carefully put together to help you access the fundamental knowledge and practices underpinning self-mastery and a fulfilling life




The sessions include a mix of mindfulness meditation, mindful movement, elevating music, didactic classes, group processes, self-reflection, journaling, life-enriching home experiments, human connection and authentic sharing.


The program is designed to help you deal with the real challenges you face in day-to-day life, tap into tools for growth and positive change and help you thrive on your strengths, aspirations and goals.


“10 weeks of self-enquiry, knowledge and wisdom to transform your life”

Who is this Program for?

This program is for you if you want to...


  • Be less anxious, stressed and tense

  • Have abundant energy, vitality and health

  • Meditate daily

  • Develop a thriving routine

  • Cultivate a foundation of mindfulness, resilience and love.

  • Free yourself from limiting beliefs and negative life patterns

  • Be more confident, authentic and joyful

  • Know yourself deeply and cultivate self-mastery

  • Learn to face challenges with mindfulness, clarity and wisdom

  • Reclaim your freedom and creativity

  • Appreciate the depth and beauty of the universe

  • Live a life of connection, joy and purpose

"Take charge of your life and live with more awareness, intention and freedom"
Gustavo Sé Cestari

What You Will Get:

  • 10 weekly 2hr sessions at Freedom Float Centre in Burleigh Heads, covering a wealth of knowledge on the topics outlined below (course curriculum)

  • Guided mindfulness, soothing and loving-kindness meditation tracks


  • Weekly life-enriching home practices 


  • Handouts with key information and exercises and practices


  • Energy Activation -morning run, meditation and visualisation sessions once a week early on the Burleigh beach


  • A Celebration Day Retreat in a natural haven in Currumbin Valley – to connect to nature, co-create and celebrate your expansion.


  • Participation in an altruistic event "Together We Rise" Day Event co-created by the group as an act of kindness to our community (if desired).


  • Access to a private Facebook group 

  • Immersion into an innovative, transformative and well-informed program designed for you to thrive in life in your own circumstances, challenges and aspirations. 

    Weekly Sessions


The curriculum involves a carefully curated set of topics touching on the various dimensions underlying human thriving. The weekly topics are:


  1. Self-awareness & the Human Mind – Understand mindfulness and how you can calm your mind and live with greater peace, presence and connection.

  2. Expand your Heart – The power of love, kindness & compassion to transform your life.

  3. The Human Condition – Understanding your difficulties and limiting patterns and the challenges of our collective societal existence.

  4. Human Emotions & Self-Mastery – Develop emotional intelligence and learn tools to navigate your emotions and challenges wisely.

  5. Relating with Love & Awareness - The art of conscious relationships.

  6. Abundant Energy – Learn to catalyze energy in daily life and how to support your body to flourish.

  7. Expand on Natural Strengths - Transcend your limits and thrive on your natural qualities.

  8. Ancient Wisdom & Unity – Tap into ancient wisdom, appreciate your intrinsic wholeness and the beauty of this miraculous universe.

  9. Reclaim your Freedom – be the author of your life and create freely.

  10. Live on Purpose – Engage with life in a meaningful way, connect and use your gifts for the greater good.

copyright @ AMAR Centre 2017



As the program is designed for deep transformation into a new way of being we have an additional 2 exciting days to expand on your experience and your journey towards thriving:



Celebration Day Retreat in a Natural Haven


Connect with the wonderful people who have shared this uplifting journey with you, gather in the Currumbin Rainforest to celebrate with music, dance, heart sharings and delicious food. On this day we will also be sitting together to co-create an altruistic event as an act of kindness to our community (included and optional).


Together We Rise Day Event


True thriving takes place when you are connecting in a genuine way with others and your existence is contributing to creating more beauty, kindness and happiness in the world around you. We will co-create a day event where participants will share whatever they wish with others (music, a poem, massages, sharing a passion or project, art lessons, helping with the logistics, etc). This a chance for you to channel your strengths, passions and purpose and share with others in a space of kindness, compassion and community.

 (Set of Workshops or Full Course)

 Weekly classes can be taken individually as a self-contained workshop (limited time - Launch Special) yet are best taken as a full program (for an in-depth experience and long-lasting positive change).

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The IN Transform & Thrive Curriculum

Anchor 1


(Get in quick, venue capacity is limited)

Launch Special
(Save $177)
10 Weekly Classes
Celebration Day Retreat
& Together We Rise Event

Per Session
Ticket to one workshop in the 
IN Transcend & Thrive Series

Term 1 Starts on Wednesday 30th of January 2019 - 7pm - 9pm

Freedom Float Wellness Centre, Burleigh Heads

16 Jan  or  23 Jan
Wednesday 7pm 
Includes Meditation and
Workshop on the 
IN Process for Human Thriving 
"Bring a Friend"

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Celebration Day Retreat in a Natural Paradise

LOGO ANANDA copy.png

ANANDA is a secluded haven of 20 acres of exotic flora and lush rainforest in Currumbin Valley. ANANDA is Sanskrit for bliss. There is something quite mystical and powerful about this place and people feel immediately elevated by it's beauty and power. It is the perfect place for deep transformation, rest and connection.

Immerse yourself in Knowledge & Wisdom 
to Transform your Life & Thrive!


your creativity, authenticity

and freedom



your sense of peace,

happiness and joy




your struggles into growth,

clarity and strength!


your connection with life,

your higher self and the universe


with your yourself, nature

and your heart 



How to have abundant energy and enthusiasm for life

Why you struggle at times and what to do about it

A routine that will help you thrive

Profound truths from the ancient wisdom traditions

Why being your natural self is the surest way to happiness, health and prosperity

Why you should face your fear and leap into what truly uplifts you

The absolutely essential knowledge for happiness, health and thriving.

The science and practice of how to be less stressed, anxious and down.

How absolutely amazing life on this planet really is

How to be a free human being and fully enjoy yourself and life


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Our Mission

“To support individuals and organisations to thrive

and contribute to a world where the heart leads

and the mind serves.”

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